About Luminesce Alliance

Luminesce Alliance is a not-for-profit joint venture between the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, the Children’s Cancer Institute, the Children’s Medical Research Institute, the UNSW Sydney and the University of Sydney.

Established with the support of the NSW Government to coordinate and integrate paediatric research in New South Wales (NSW), nationally and internationally, the alliance enhances capacity and integrates cutting-edge technologies into personalised clinical care, focusing on early diagnosis and treatment for children, limiting long-term effects and reducing the burden on the healthcare system.


To date, Luminesce Alliance has established over 140 new STEM jobs, facilitated over 20 pharma and investigator-led clinical trials, collaborated with over 450 national and international organisations, shared paediatric precision medicine findings with more than 150 peer reviewed publications, and given over 190 presentations across Australia and internationally. See ‘What did we achieve’ for more details.

Enabling Platforms – taking collaboration to the next level

With the generous support of $20 million from the New South Wales (NSW) Government in 2023, Luminesce Alliance established five Enabling Platforms: 

  1. Functional Genomics: identifying and understanding disease-causing genes and new treatments;
  2. Data: translating rich and complex data into new treatments, new prevention strategies and clinical impact;
  3. Precision Therapy: delivering new drugs and novel medical technologies that will support early-phase clinical trials;
  4. Psychosocial: developing world-leading best practices for psychological, emotional, social, and educational support of patients and their caregivers;
  5. Health Systems Implementation and Economic Research: translating research discoveries into new models of care.

The Enabling Platforms accelerate the collaboration of leading researchers, practitioners, and children and families together to enable us to see discoveries in practice sooner.

About Precision Medicine

Precision medicine delivers personalised, targeted medical care to patients by studying a child’s individual genes, behaviours, and environment to understand what is causing their disease, and how to treat it.

Children benefit significantly from precision medicine, with genetic conditions contributing substantially to admissions in New South Wales (NSW) paediatric hospitals (40-50%), and approximately 15-20% of childhood cancers appearing genetically predisposed.